NewtonsFire & SafetyEquipment

Six pounds lighter than its predecessor, and just as powerful, the S 700E2 is light years ahead of
anything the competition has to date. This battery-powered cutter performs heroic rescues without
hoses or a power unit. It’s designed to take on current as well as future vehicle construction.
Plus, it has 77% more cutting force where you need it.

Features and Benefits:
• Highest cutting performance in the relevant work area
• Unique blade geometry with three distinct cutting angles
• Built for the high-strength steel of today and tomorrow’s vehicles
• Ergonomically designed star-grip permits tool actuation from
almost any gripping position
• Each tool comes with two batteries and one charger
• If needed, you can plug it in for limitless power with the
eDRAULIC™ 110v adaptor

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