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MSA’s Evolution 5800 TIC, the newest addition to MSA’s 5000 Series of Thermal Imaging Cameras, offers state-of-the-art imagery with a high-resolution-format, microbolometer-based infrared sensor.

Our new Image Detail Enhancement (IDE) software enhances the camera’s imagery so that it matches the total dynamic range of the original image, and makes image detail visible to you, even in scenes with extreme-temperature dynamics. This enhanced imagery is combined with five user-selectable palettes, to give firefighters a customized image that maximizes the scene information you need for your plan of attack, even in low- temperature-contrast environments.

The heart of the Evolution 5800 TIC is the vanadium oxide micro- bolometer that incorporates a 320 x 240 focal plane array sensor, generating over 76,000 pixels of image detail with a 36 ̊ field of view. 2X Digital zoom magnifies the image detail that you want to see.

Two additional features in all camera models, Standard Quick Temp and Heat Seeker Plus, complete the most advanced thermal imaging package available on the market today.

The Evolution 5800 TIC incorporates all of the established user-friendly form factors in MSA’s 5000 Series TICs. These features include single-button activation, patented dual-handle design for ease of handoff, a lightweight lithium ion battery with over two hours of run time, a protective battery compartment, and a comprehensive offering of interchangeable accessories.

As with all MSA TICs, the Evolution 5800 comes standard with a two-year camera core warranty and a one-year warranty on all of the other camera components.

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