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eDRAULIC™ SC357E2 Combi Tool eDRAULIC™ SC357E2 Combi Tool
The SC 357E2 uses a compact, single integrated design to house a tool that does so much. It cuts; it spreads; it’s perfect for first responders who need to be ready to accomplish anything. And do ...
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eDRAULIC™ S700E2 Cutter eDRAULIC™ S700E2 Cutter
Six pounds lighter than its predecessor, and just as powerful, the S 700E2 is light years ahead of anything the competition has to date. This battery-powered cutter performs heroic rescues without h...
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eDRAULIC™ SP310E2 Spreader eDRAULIC™ SP310E2 Spreader
The superior ergonomics, durable construction and “diamond” surface tips make this tool the beast of the eDRAULIC™ spreader line. Its strength makes it perfect for urban disaster recovery and ...
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The R 411E, while it’s extremely compact, offers enough strength to pack a powerful wallop. With the ability to operate with a cord or without, this tool comes with power to spare. The claws at th...
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