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Hurst Transformer Spreader Hurst Transformer Spreader
Unlike any other spreader, the Hurst® Transformer accepts three interchangeable arm lengths for maximum performance in a wide variety of applications.  This highly flexible tool will, pry, ben...
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Hurst ML-28 Defender Spreader Hurst ML-28 Defender Spreader
Looking for more power?  Meet the Defender!  Built for easy handling, the Defender boasts improved ergonomic features as well as a stargrip actuator with a stationary handle for easy finge...
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Hurst SP-300 Spreader (high pressure) Hurst SP-300 Spreader (high pressure)
The NEW SP300 Spreader from Hurst offers the ideal balance of strength, blade opening and low weight. The newly designed diamond tips offer exceptional grip, while the compact size allows for optimu...
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Hurst SP-310 Spreader (high pressure) Hurst SP-310 Spreader (high pressure)
The SP 310 Spreader brings unsurpassed versatility to rescue operations.  It is equipped with patented multifunctional tips for spreading, peeling, pulling and squeezing.  Superior Ergonom...
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Hurst SP-510 Spreader (high pressure) Hurst SP-510 Spreader (high pressure)
Our Streamline™ Technology SP 510 high pressure spreader provides high spreading forces and a wide spreading distance.  It’s robust design and high durabilit offer the optimum basis for...
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Hurst SP-512 Spreader (high pressure) Hurst SP-512 Spreader (high pressure)
The Streamline™ Technology SP 512 Spreader, with high performance reserves is one of the most pwerful spreaders worldwide.  It is suitable for heavy-duty rescue operations.  Excellent er...
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